How 2 Html - By: Perussi

-Sacrifices are appreciated but not necessary-

Hey lads!

I see you would like to know how 2 html!
I would really suggest starting right below this sentence but if you just want to try your throw or something else stupid like that then skip to the section "Ok, Now You Will Actually Start Coding".

Html is the code that websites are made from. But you don't actually have to have a server or anything, if you safe a file as a .html then it is a html file. The .com or .org or .whatever you see are not the file types or anything, they are just catagories, EVERY website is a html file. So twitter, facebook and whatever your thing is in the browser is a html file. Now why would you want to know html? For those of you who don't know why and are just checking this thingy read the next section but if you do then skip it and read the section after it titled "Ow, My Brain Feels Like It Is Going To Explode".

The Last Section Said To Read The Next Section

So. Coding. I'm going to be honest in the next section. But let's go over all the good first. First of all, if you can understand and manage code you can manage things pretty well. You will be smarter and more intelligent. Also, if you don't feel like typing in emails, url, or google searches for the website you want then great! You should learn to code! Plus you could show it off to your friends. PLUS eventually you could make your own games. Plus you could make completely practical tools like an encryptor you'll never need! Yay! Now. Unless you have some nerd in you you do not want to learn to code. It requires a i really want this and i'll figure it out tomorrow before i grab a baseball bat and smash my computer. NOW, if you don't have a laptop or desktop computer of some sort you can't spend a good deal of time on you probably shouldn't code because coding without one is a pain in the butt, k? But coding and making websites and stuff is cool and fun and stuff. But then there is the possibility you could make a site that a good deal of people would come to and make some ca$h. Who knows, but if any of this sounds fun or fun to try then you should definitely learn to code.

Ow, My Brain Feels Like It Is Going To Explode

Ok! So, this coding thing, VERY often your code will not work even though NOTHING IS WRONG (but something is). You WILL get annoyed, you will probably rage some times. When is happens save your work and work on it some other day. The coding will (probably) get to you. You probably won't break anything but this is just a fair warning. You will get stressed but you have to really want your code to work. Now, most of your issues are going to be stupid things you slipped up on which are called "bugs", actually it isn't your planning and actually writing the code that will annoy you, it is all of that, which already stresses you, then it refusing to do what you want. You will have to make a LOT of adjustments for your code to finally work. But when it does it is great. This meme says it all:

So, yeah, your head will hurt, your idea is probably actually right, and you will have a lot of issues with your code because you suck. Just kidding about the you suck part, if you get through the code NOT FREAKING WORKING then you have a good degree of maturity and have whatever you made.

How to Work With Your Code

Notepad. Start with notepad. For those of you people who don't know what notepad it is a simple tool that works and is freaking easy to manage your code with. Press start, click accessories, smack that like button (youtubers.... it is annoying but they have to say this, actually, i wrote a thingy about this: ), and open notepad. Not yet, if you just opened notepad close it u scrub. Now, i use a folder called "Everything" that contains a folder called "Coding". In coding (open "my documents" in your file explorer and make these folders, MAKE THEM. every time you save a file without organizing it god kills a kitten), make a folder called whatever you want your thingy to be called. K? (do this, DO IT). Great! Now you are all set up! You must (DO IT) with this until you have a good understanding of html. Now, once you have a good understanding of html, you can (YOU BETTER HAVE A GOOD UNDERSTANDING BEFORE YOU DO THIS, I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE) come to this site you are on now and make an account and it will have your website on it's servers for FREE. (OMG REALLY???) DO NOT YET. I SWEAR IF YO...... Just wait until you have it figure it out. By the way this site is , not , the "perussi" in the url of this site you are on is called a "subdomain", google "subdomain" after you go through this if you really want to know what one is (AFTER, NOT YET.) Now, internet explorer sucks, use chrome, figure out how to make chrome your default for html files. I was going to take a screenshot and edit it to clearly show how to do this but 1, couldn't go to the media center at the time of writing this specific part, and 2, don't want to do it later because i'll be recking noobs then. (if i get 100 emails to that say this: "Oh great and powerful Perussi, this one thing i ask for those who can't or don't have time to track down how to on google, please show us how to make our default browser chrome for html files because internet explorer sucks." then i will though). Ok, your files are all set up and stuffs, cool. You need some idea of what you actually want to do before you start practicing, get it. I made a site with a bunch of links and things i didn't feel like typing in anymore for my first good site (not that it was good but the very first thing i did was make pixel art with tables). Ok, that's your files and beginning, you can take this any way you want once you can like, make a website but you need to start somewhere. Ok, i am not going to go through EVERY SINGLE FREAKING TAG OF HTML. There are a lot, i am just going to explain the ones i feel are necessary for you to get started (not in this section though). For things you want to know to do google them with the magical two characters (the alphabet, numbers, spaces, periods, commas.... google it (it is ok to google "characters computer definition" now)) at the end, but obviously a space in between your search and "w3". The World Wide Web Consortium is an international, communistic group that keeps the interwebs in good quality. When you make a search with what you want to know how to do with a coding language of some sort it will pull up some results from "w3schools". W3 is great, you can go and find out how to do what you want to do. Simple and as great as that. Don't forget the "Ow, My Brain Feels Like It Is Going To Explode" section, but they have the stuff dude. Stack exchange.... isn't going to help you a lot, stay away from stack exchange... K? Sometimes it is helpful but it isn't really great. Ok, files.. how to get started.. some of what and what not to do.. any optimism you had down the drain.. Great! Now let's talk about how it is actually going to be.