Ok, so, i made an encryptor but am not sure how good it actually is, so, your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to break the encryption and decrypt the data and key with only the following information and the javascript. Also, you'll have find the interrobangs and delete them because the greater than and less than signs were giving me issues. Only a certain kind of person would ever want to do this and if you are that kind of person, enjoy! And good luck. If you solve it send an email to kratosgotacat@gmail.com and tell me how you did it.

Encrypted Text:
1). D9])2zEe*Cua[Avh6rx~)z$G{dqOZa5B~0[<‽Lz`4"2mRn*Hv,ylH=jhCiri:bKe=Y`.,v2gKcYz j
2). ay$]@U,D<‽Ea!NwH8&+[ H}
3). Bsk-}hc1ia48nJsD_>A&&j>EBSPW`AUQ1oP.[|e-!Ijsp;kGhs[t2)yvh
4). qGm46stf0X4R `!dCu9oGm< (S$VtzYQ 7UXy
5). 0q]NF;*{`6$G.*b~$%`<‽6n+NAh<.s3*A.&[kkK`(30-8)o)6o8bw$4
6). 1|wWQg u6Nh]9DgZ
7). GPYz].2QkH>HDUgJl37S`n@d45!_T"|0G5%h,J+4u>z1vf#<‽xqZ&o51&Js0f{r&}-f^}'`

Is between 20 and 50 characters.

Times Through:
Is a number between 500 and 1000.

-The Encryptor-