Kristopher Transue

This does not reflect my actual views.
I'm just making you think a bit.

Thinking skills, where are they? I mean, if all you can say about Trump is that he is racist because of whatever he said or you believe religion is equatable to santa claus then i cannot respect you. So often, we abandon reason and go to cut and slice. People online just try to get in a really good diss. But people aren't really like that, right? Nope, they are, give a man a mask and he will become his real self. Almost nobody is open minded in today's society. I thought were were supposed to be progressing as humanity but we aren't, this is the way it has always been. The world is chaotic and some day you should really know your stuff. Everything going on is a reflection of us, and based on our last election everyone agrees it was bad. We are becoming less responsible and mature. In not too long the older generations won't be here and we will be what is going on, every person must decide their path for themselves, don't be ignorant. How does this tie into education? It does not, there is none of it at all in school. I believe along with teaching material we should teach thinking as well. How are we supposed to use history? How are we supposed to use our knowledge of abortion or whatever to form our opinions? The best we do are badly pieced together "socratic seminars" and sitting on a computer every day doing (not even) 4 modules of busy work. I don't know how you all think but by the looks of it there are a lot of people who just don't. A person is smart, people are idiots. People are pawns. This is so simple to fix, all we have to so is get the ball rolling for students early. Nobody has the answers but we should really do something before we turn into a dictatorship. The Great Leap Forward, the Nazis, the kamikaze who suicide bombed things for their emperor. Reason is the defense against people winning your heart via feels. Be a scholar, think about events in the world today, develop this skill. Don't be set in stone ever. If you don't adapt to new information you suffer. This may not seem like a big deal, you may think i am ridiculous right now, but i am really not. You don't just magically make good decisions. What if you were to trust the wrong person? What if you could have avoided a conflict? We do not go deep enough in school. In conclusion, i just wanted to make sure you are aware of this.

These were students just like us.

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