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How to pick your color for my ++WeaponEffects mod

RGB colors

An "rgb" color is one way a computer determines what color to make a pixel, the squares that make up your computer screen. Any color on your computer screen can be shown as an rgb color. Rgb stands for red, green, and blue. An rgb color is made up of 3 values for each color, the values are from 0 to 255, the higher the more of that color. They can combne to make other colors. Example colors: Red --> rgb(255,0,0) Yellow --> rgb(255,255,0). It's not always in the format but generally in websites it is. Pretty simple, right? Here's a link to a tool that makes it easy to find a color you want: https://www.w3schools.com/colors/colors_picker.asp

How to change the color of my mod

Click the tampermonkey icon > Click dashboard > Click the icon under actions that is a pencil writing on paper, hovering over it will make a little box saying "edit" appear
Find "var aNC = [255,255,0];" near the top of the script. This is where the mod's color is stored, it is an rgb color. you can make it whatever you want. There's also a rainbow effect I added in there if you want that instead. It's stored in the code right by the regular color and will look like this: "var rANC = [0,255];". The 0 here means off, change it to a 1 to turn it on, change it back to a 0 to turn it back off. The 255 here is how fast it changes, the lower the number the faster.
That's it.
(and obviously save the code in the editor after making a change)

Weapon specific color update

This variable: var sANC = 1; is a toggle for "weapon specific colors". Change it to 0 to turn it off.